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Our Lawn Care and Maintenance Services Are Tailored to You

The Lawn Captain offers a full range of lawn care services. We will do basic mowing and clean up to landscape clean up or even lawn fertilizing and weed control. Our services will be custom tailored to fit your wants and needs. Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or one-time services are no problem for The Lawn Captain.

Check out our services below, then call or submit a request online to get started with San Antonio’s local lawn response team.

Lawn Care

There are many benefits to keeping a well-maintained, healthy and lush lawn. A well-maintained lawn will increase curb appeal leaving you with a beautiful lawn opposed to an eye-sore for you and your neighbors. Studies have even found that your home value can increase by roughly 15% just because of a well-maintained lawn! Not to mention, a healthy lawn provides a safe place for your kids to play, and a backyard you can relax and enjoy with friends and loved ones. And of course, we do not want to leave out the benefits for the environment, community and surrounding ecosystem.

Hedge Trimming

Shrubs and hedges can get out of hand. Make sure you get your hedges trimmed for curb appeal and general health of your landscape. New growth and healthy leaves are promoted by keeping shrubs trimmed year around. To keep the hedges healthier, trimming out dead or diseased parts of the shrub will allow new growth to proceed.


Aeration alleviates soil compaction allowing for a stronger root system, reduces thatch build-up, and promotes nutrient movement. Aeration is necessary if you have poor or clay-heavy soil or it’s been impacted by heavy foot traffic. It’s also good to aerate if you are renovating a yard or installing a new one.


Keeping your landscape mulched has big benefits for your soil and plant root systems. Mulching will protect plants from extreme weather as well as insects, microbes and pests. Mulching will help cut down on the amount of water needed because it will regulate moisture in the ground. And most importantly, for many people, mulch will reduce the number of weeds in your landscape.

Leaf Pickup

Trees in our area love to shower our lawns with leaves. You can have us mulch them into your lawn but having us pick up the leaves may be a better option. Not only will your lawn look cleaner, your lawn will be healthier with leaf pick up. Too much thatch build-up prevents your lawn from growing and with this increased moisture could attract fungus. Choose leaf pick up services and you won’t be disappointed with the outcome.


We use all-natural lawn fertilizers throughout the entire year. A special mixture is created to suit your specific lawn type. Fertilizing keeps the root system healthy making for a greener lusher lawn. Keeping a strong root system will help reduce the number of weeds and fungus as well as reduce the amount of water needed to feed your lawn.

Pet Waste Removal

When we send a crew to your lawn, you have the option of having our team pick up your pet’s waste. Many customers opt in for this service to have a clean play area or relaxation area. Removing your pets waste will reduce the number of unwanted bugs in your lawn as well.

We Also Offer Residential and Commercial Lawn Services

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, we have your lawn care needs covered. Maintaining a healthy, great looking lawn is easy when you let The Lawn Captain do all the work. The Lawn Captain will provide many services throughout the year as the seasons change keeping your lawn top notch no matter what is thrown at it. Weekly, Bi-Weekly, One-Time service or customizable programs are available. Call or request a free online quote!

Business owners receive completely customizable programs, so the grounds of your business look amazing at an affordable price all year long. Appearance is important and we promise that not only will your business front and grounds look amazing, we will show up in a professional looking work truck with courteous professional employees. Call or input a request online for a completely customized free quote today!

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